Is Waste Rubbish? Re-Think – Seminar Friday 24th April 9.30am -1pm Lifetime Lab

Southern Waste Region: Regional Structure and Plans for Waste Management
CRNI: Opportunities for Reuse
Marine Litter and Clean Coasts Programme

This seminar on the topic of waste will include an update on the regional oversight of waste management and the plans for the Southern Region, there will be an input on the role and opportunities of re-use and how the issue of Marine Litter is being tackled at a national and local level. The worshop discussions will explore the issue of farm waste, the role social enterprise plays in addressing some of our waste challenges, how local clean coasts groups are tackling waste our beaches and foreshore and the educational benefit of creativity from waste.
Speakers include:
Regional Structure and Plans for Waste Management – Phillipa King, Regional Waste Coordinator, Southern Region Waste Management.
Phillipa King has 10 years experience in the regional waste policy development. and 16 years experience in the private waste sector with specialists in the Hazardous Waste sector.
Opportunities for Re-Use in Ireland – Dr. Joanne Rourke, Community Re-Use Network of Ireland
Dr. Joanne Rourke is the network co-ordinator with Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI). Joanne’ s background is Environmental Science and her doctorate is in Environmental Communication. Before joining CRNI, Joanne worked in the areas of pollution control, online education and environmental policy.
Marine Litter and Clean Coasts Programme – Susan Vickers, An Taisce, Clean Coasts Coordinator
Parallel workshops on:

  • Social Enterprise, facilitated by Boomerang Project rep.
  • Farm Waste, facilitated by Harold Kingston, IFA National Environment & Rural Affairs Chairman
  • Marine Litter, facilitated by rep from Clean Coast group
  • Creativity from Waste, facilitated by Jessica Mason, Environmental Art & Education Facilitator
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