A Big Wheel in Cork

If you’ve been on Cook Street in Cork, then you’ve seen the sign with the old-style bicycle for Oscar’s Restaurant, run by Daragh Fitzgerald. Daragh has a background in retail and got restaurant experience by working for some years at … Read more

What is this?! Who are we?!

Might be time for a little more clarification of the Meat Pledge experiment and project. We are two Danish students involved in project dNmark (http://dnmark.org/?page_id=5&lang=en). We’re in the process of researching aspects of meat-consumption, and primarily looking at the stories, … Read more

Don’t Panic – it’s Organic!

Organic means so many different things, and to keep it simple, we won’t go into most of them here. In Denmark, breeding, feeding, housing, length of time with mother, amount of space, transport, and slaughter conditions are all strictly regulated … Read more

Less is More; Quality of Meat

I’ve been asking people around Cork about quality of food here, and they point me in the direction of Eoin O’Mahony. Eoin really knows his stuff; not only does he have a degree in economics and geography, but he has … Read more