Corkonians vs Horsonites

Did you know that the fair city of Cork has something in common with Horsens, of the darkest Jutlandish part of Denmark? Besides raining often, I mean. The majority of citizens in each town are definitely meat-lovers!
Corkonians vs Horsonites:
In a recent survey, I asked 47 Cork City citizens about their relation to meat. Most people like the taste of meat, with beef as their favorite choice. Let’s compare to the survey I made of 47 Horsonites. For those of you who like to look at the numbers, here’s the breakdown:

Survey QuestionsCorkonians   47 Horsonites   47
Do you like to eat meat4345
Eat meat once or more daily3730
Which kind of meat is best:
What do you like most about it:
Feeling of  fullness512
Nutritional value22
Happy eating a substitute? Yes3223
No – want the real thing613
(11 ‘don’t know’)
No to processed food9

The few vegetarians I met doing these surveys were divided; half abstain for ethical reasons, the other half for taste preference, and of those, only half of them would be willing to eat meat substitutes. Not good news for the makers of veggie burgers!
So, Corkonians; what do you think about meat? Should we all cut down? If so, what can we do about those less-than-popular mock meats? Write a comment here, and I promise we’ll talk about it….

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