Less is More; Quality of Meat

I’ve been asking people around Cork about quality of food here, and they point me in the direction of Eoin O’Mahony. Eoin really knows his stuff; not only does he have a degree in economics and geography, but he has grown up with and is running the family butcher’s, which has had a stall in the English Market since 1898. Eoin has his focus on meat from animals which are grass-fed and live free-range because of the higher quality taste, texture, satiating effect, and nutritional value.
We sell grass-fed beef, lamb and buffalo, which live free-range and have no gene manipulted feed. Duck and wild boar are new aspects to the business and we have only begun to sell them recently. The ducks are called Aylesbury ducks and are produced by a small farmer locally.
Eoin’s personal consumption is on average one and a half to two pounds red meat weekly, and he usually only eats meat about 5 times a week.
When meat has this quality, you don’t need to eat as much of it to get the same satisfaction.
Speaking of less meat, let’s see how our Meat Pledge participants are getting on. Our newest participant, Betty, is a secretary and decided to jump on the pledge wagon for a lark. She dithered for a while trying to decide what a realistic pledge would be for her, especially as the cook for her family:
I decided to change my plege from meatless to include a bit of free range meat. The meat comes from 1/8 of a slaughtered cow, something we get every year. The cattle graze in a natural area near the wetlands. I decided to change my pledge after discussing it with colleagues, and because I’ve already made meat dishes from this meat for my family.
And now back to Sofie, who has begun her 4-week pledge – fish is alright anytime but no meat for lunch – meaning that she will only eat red meat maximum 7 times a week. Day 1 has already brought a new observation with it:

Lunch today was a little different – cod topped with something that looked like bacon. I asked the canteen cook, and it was indeed bacon. Decided to just take it off – but interesting to note how seriously the man took my question about whether there was meat on the fish!

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