The Meat Pledge Experiment – a refresher

For those who are just now tuning in to Meaty Matters, we have a little experiment going with 9 participants who have pledged to cut down on their meat consumption for a period of at least 4 weeks. Just to give a little summary of our volunteers:
Sofie is pledging to only eat meat a maximum of 5 times weekly (but unlimited fish)
Betty was thinking of pledging no meat for 4 weeks, but amended it to some (exact amount undefined) free range meat, and unlimited fish
Both Linda and Jake are pledging to only eat organic meat (but unlimited fish)
Anne is pledging to eat no more than 100 grams of meat weekly, and only organic meat or fish
Andrew and Malene are both pledging no meat at all (but unlimited fish)
Jacob is taking another direction: Our project also measures the amount of nitrogen used in getting that food to the table. Jacob went through a few weeks of recording his regular diet, and has now made a pledge to reduce his average ‘nitrogen footprint’ by 5 kgs weekly.
Nicholas found that he ate on average one and a half to two kgs of meat weekly, and is now pledging to reduce it to 800 grams weekly (but unlimited fish)
The next few weeks, we’ll keep up with the experiences (and occasional misadventures) of these brave volunteers and see how each kind of diet works out. We’ll spice up the blog with bits about local Corkonians, and show how the population of this fair city compares with Danes from Horsens, in Jutland, which is where our project originates.

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