Photos from CEF Annual Environmental Awards Ceremony 2015

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The Annual Cork Environmental Forum Awards Ceremony at the Firkin Crane on 3rd December was an evening that reflected great commitment and hard work to create a better environment across all sectors of society with Awards given to Individual, Community & Voluntary, Public and Private Sector categories as well as a Communtiy Garden Award and for the first time ever in 2015 a new School Garden Category. This year the Forum also gave one of its Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Awards Ceremony promotes positivity and a can do attitude from all of the winners and recipients of the Awards.
Dr. Darren McAdam O’Connell, Chairperson of Cork Environmental Forum, in his welcoming address referred to the fact that in this 20th Anniversary year of CEF global emissions had increased at an unprecedented level and that the environmental challenges we face are daunting but tonight we celebrate people who are making a significant contribution and making a real difference by their work, actions and the leadership shown across all categories of the Awards. Bernadette Connolly, Development Coordinator and MC for the evening thanked the Selection Panel, comprised of Michael Ewing, Coordinator of the Environmental Pillar and CEF members Denis O’Regan, Helen Barrett and Ruth Fortune. They had the unenviable task of choosing the winners from nominations that were all very worthy.
Cork University Hospital Green Campus Programme was the winner under the Public Sector Category and was introduced by Helen Maher. The hospital has thus far shown great determination in being the first healthcare facility to apply for the Green Flag and successful attained this though their work in energy conservation measures, tackling waste and now engaging on further initiatives on food in conjunction with Cork Food Policy Council and transport.  Edward Murphy who received the Award on behalf of CUH complimented the manner in which initially staff and now patients have responded and engaged with the programme, the initiative is both top down with great leadership from CEO Tony McNamara and Clinical Director Ken Walsh as well as from the ground up with staff across all sections engaging with actions to reduce CO2 and contribute to a truly sustainable healthcare facility. Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mick Nugent, who presented the Award congratulated the CUH campus for this pioneering initiative which is providing an inspiration to other healthcare facilities to follow suit and again following the example of UCC which was the first University in the World to get a Green Flag is also a global leader through the programme.
John Ballinger introduced the winning project under the Community and Voluntary Sector which went to IRD Duhallow LIFE Himalayan Balsam eradication programme. He referred to the widespread problem of invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and the model shown by the project in successfully tackling the issue along the River Allow. Fran Igoe in his acceptance speech referred to all of the work that had gone into the project and the wide range of stakeholders engaged in the process which involved IRD Duhallow staff but also Angling organisations, land owners, TUS and Rural Social Scheme workers as well as numerous volunteers. Deputy Mayor of the County, Cllr. Kevin Murphy, congratulated and thanked the group for their work which was a model that could be replicated across the county in acknowledging the importance of such community activism.
Declan O’Mahony, the Outstanding Individual Award Winner 2015, who was nominated by Denis O’Regan with an introduction given by Bernadette Connolly was the recipient in acknowledgment and recognition for his educational documentary River Runner. The beautifully crafted film told through the experiences and understanding of Angler, Alan Nolan and ecologist Kevin Corcoran casts insights into what was and what could potentially be a wonderful river eco-system damaged by human interventions. Declan O’Mahony said the inspiration from the film came on meeting Alan and gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the plight of the river through the perspective of the wild atlantic salmon whilst Kevin Corcoran’s insights into the special and rare place that is the Gearagh provided another aspect to the film. Declan mentioned the campaign he has spearheaded and efforts with authorities to look at remediation to the dam system, the film shows solutions adapted in other countries to address the barriers currently preventing the salmon reaching their traditional spawning grounds. Michael Ewing, Irish Environmental Network who presented the Award refereed to us as being just one species inhabiting and sharing the same planet with so many other species and if we don’t all begin to appreciate this and act accordingly we will continue to destroy the very systems that sustain us.
The final Award under the main four categories was the Private Sector Award which went to AbbVie in Little Island. Derry O’Farrell who nominated AbbVie mentioned their longstanding commitment to sustainable practices within the business and the hard work and commitment with ISO standards but more recently and the reason for the Award two initiatives which have led to a huge reduction in energy costs, CO2 emissions and a better sustainable trajectory for the future, the installation of a locally sourced biomass wood chip boiler and HVAC cooling system. Michael McCarthy, AbbVie Project Engineer referred to the fact that as an organisation pharmaceutical production is the primary focus but that the organisation also has a strong policy to increase its sustainability and strategically works on this. Keith Neary, Brookfield on presenting the Award referred to the individual commitment of Michael McCarthy, Peter Power and colleagues for taking the initiative and pushing though these projects within the organisations which are making such a substantial contribution.
The Community Garden Award Winner for 2015 was the Cobh Community Allotments. Nominated by Helen Cadogan, who gave a heartfelt introduction to the Allotments which truly reflect a project which welcomes and embraces the wider community of Cobh. Helen is not a plot owner but regularly visits this gardening space which is a place to share gardening experience but also a great space for broader social contact with the community. Anne Mallon in her acceptance on behalf of the Allotments mentioned the ethos of the project which commenced 4 years ago but was always about being as in touch with nature as possible, whilst there are 50 plot holders there are also community shared spaces such as a poly-tunnel and facilities such as the cabin and water-harvesting and solar panels.
The IRD Duhallow Community Gardens received a commendation for their garden which initially served as a Therapeutic Outreach programme for people suffering from mental health issues. Rachel Budd explained how successful gardening can be as a therapeutic space and how the garden despite difficulties of being displaced has survived and grown now featuring a kitchen garden and orchard. Rachel emphasised the manner is which the gardens are run on a very low budget with volunteers contributing by seed saving, sharing plants and materials.
The next Award was presented to Scoil Ursula School Garden in Blackrock. The stars of the evening were Gavin and Victor who introduced their garden to a capacity filled auditorium with such wonderful poise with their own pride  enjoyment and enthusiasm  for the garden clearly evident. They were so inclusive with their thanks to all the staff at the school, including Rose Magner and all those involved who have helped develop the garden and make it a focal point at the school. It is clear that the garden is at the heart of the school activities and is inclusive of pupils, teaching staff, parents and the wider community.
Gill Weyman, Cork Nature Network, who kindly at short notice stepped in to present the garden Awards, mentioned the opportunity gardens give and especially with young people to learn about nature and biodiversity.
The final Award of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented to Matt Murphy, Sherkin Island Marine Station for over 40 years of an amazing contribution to ecology and greater understanding of the environment around us. Michael O’Brien, Senior Engineer, Cork City Council in his introduction referred firstly to Matt’s very strong family focus and priority and following that gave a revealing and broader perspective of Matt’s endeavours as a young entrepreneur. However Matt found his true calling in life with the setting up of the Marine Station in 1975 on Sherkin, with his wife and seven children. Matt Murphy is a leader in his field and has helped so many people develop greater insight and understanding of the natural world through surveys and research and the wonderful international conferences bringing people from far and wide to share new ideas and broaden. Matt in his acceptance speech which was warm and humorous referred to the importance of long term monitoring of nature, how crucial it is to engage with children and develop understanding and knowledge at an early stage in life, of the 600 + biologists who came to Sherkin over the years and that there was a team of people including his children who had helped in the work and in their achievements. Liam Lysaght, Director National Biodiversity Data Centre who presented the Award said he was delighted to be associated with the Award to Matt Murphy whom he had worked with and respected his significant contribution made with less funding and that essentially Matt Murphy is a national treasure we are luckily enough to reside here in Cork.
Despite traffic problems in the city which played havoc with some presenters not able to attend the evening was a great success.
Bernadette Connolly, CEF Development Coordinator gave details of the prizes, all sourced form local artists, the four main categories and the School garden will receive a sculpture crafted from local stone by Peter Little of Hortisculptures and they are all unique pieces. There is also a large perpetual sculpture by Peter which Community Garden winners get to keep for a year. Martha Cashman is the creative artist responsible for the ceramic piece being presented for the Community Garden and Tess Leak is the artist of the print for the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Bernadette congratulated all of the winner s and thanked all those who participated in the introductions and presentations as well as all who attended what is a highlight event in the year of the Forum. She thanked Musgraves for their sponsorship of the refreshments and the volunteers who helped prepare the reception. She also thanks Andy Ferreira for taking the photos. The Award winners give a cross sectoral flavour of the environmental care and concern in our communities across Cork and it is heartening to know that this is just a sample of all the work happening in this area. Collaboration was a common theme across all of the activities and if we can continue to work in this way we will perhaps further efforts in delivering true environmental sustainability.
Our Awards Ceremony is a public event and we welcome anyone interested in hearing more about the individuals, organisations, businesses and gardens who are contributing positively to a better environment in Cork City and County. photo shop cef leaf trans

You are cordially invited to the

 Cork Environmental Forum

Annual Environmental Awards Event 2015

Thursday 3th December 2015 7pm – 9.30pm

 Firkin Crane Theatre, Shandon, Cork City

 Wine reception with light refreshments

We wish to thank all the people who have agreed to introduce the winning projects and the presenters of the Awards.

The CEF Environmental Awards 2015

– Running Order –

7pm – 7.30pm

Wine, refreshments and socialising


7.30pm Award presentations begin with Welcome Address –Dr. Darren McAdam O’Connell, CEF Chairperson

7.35pm Introduction – Bernadette Connolly, CEF


7.40pm Public Sector Award

Introduction by Helen Maher (3 minutes)
Presentation of sculpture and certificate by Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mick Nugent

Brief acceptance CUH Green Campus Programme Representatives (4 minutes max)


7.50pm Community & Voluntary Award

Introduction by John Bellinger (3 minutes)
Presentation of sculpture and certificate by Deputy Mayor of the County, Cllr. Kevin Murphy

Brief acceptance by Fran Igoe on behalf of IRD Duhallow LIFE Representative (4 minutes max)

8pm Individual Award

Introduction by Clair McSweeney (3 minutes)
Presentation of sculpture and certificate by Michael Ewing, Coordinator, Irish Environmental Network

Brief acceptance by Declan O’Mahony (4 minutes max)

8.10pm Business & Commercial Award

Introduction by Derry O’Farrell (3 minutes)
Presentation of sculpture and certificate by Brian Cahill, Nimbus Centre

Brief acceptance by AbbVie representative (4 minutes max)


8.20pm Community Garden Award

Introduction by Helen Cadogan (3 minutes)

Presentation of award, perpetual sculpture and certificate by Peter Dowdall, Gardening Expert and Correspondent

Brief acceptance by representatives of the Cobh Community Allotments (4 minutes max)

8.30pm Community Garden Commendation

Introduction by Rachel Budd (3 minutes)

Presentation of certificate by Peter Dowdall, Gardening Expert and Correspondent

Brief acceptance by representatives of the IRD Community Gardens (4 minutes max)

8.40pm School Garden Award

Introduction by children from Scoil Ursula (3 minutes)

Presentation of award, perpetual sculpture and certificate by Peter Dowdall, Gardening Expert and Correspondent

Brief acceptance by Rose Magner and representatives of the Scóil Ursula School Garden (4 minutes max)


8.50pm Lifetime Award

Introduction by Michael O’Brien (3 minutes)

Presentation of award and certificate by Dr. Liam Lysaght, Director, National Biodiversity Data Centre

Brief acceptance by Matt Murphy, Sherkin Island Marine Station (4 minutes max)

We would like to thank everyone who took the time and interest to submit nominations to our Annual Environmental Awards. The adjudication panel have met and as always it is an unenviable task to choose a winner as all nominations merit acknowedgement in their own right. However, the decision has been reached and we can now announce the Award Recipients for 2015. Sincere congratulations to all, it is through such dedication and hard work that so many people across the differnt sectors and strands of our community take action to make our environment better and lead by example.
The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Firkin Crane Centre, Shandon, Cork on Thursday 3rd December from 7pm. It is a celebratory and social occasion and open to anyone who wishes to attend. The event provides a very good opportunity to hear from all these wonderful people and projects and encourage more partiicpation in the nominations in the future.
Award Winners 2015 List
Deadline for Receipt of Award Nominations extended to midnight Sunday 1st November 2015
Please submit on-line via Awards tab on top of HOME PAGE –
Brochure pg 2

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