Local Partners

CEF is a key partner in a range of initiatives tackling issues such as wellbeing, light pollution and transport

The Transport & Mobility Forum, Cork (TMF) is a representative group of organisations who have a common interest in sustainable and active travel.

In 2013 Cork Environmental Forum (CEF) applied for and was successful in securing funding of €7k through an EU Sustainable Urban Mobility Programme “Do the Right Mix” to run an initiative called “Mix Your Mode”. Part of the application process was to identify relevant partners across the different sectors, those partners and others now form the wide ranging stakeholder group that is the TMF, Cork. In 2018 Healthy Ireland funding was secured for the post of TMF Coordinator who is employed by CEF.

The Cork Food Policy Council is a partnership between representatives of the community, food retail, farming, fishing, restaurant/catering, education, environmental and health sectors and local authorities.

Green Spaces for Health is a partnership of organisations that are enthusiastic and passionate about Urban Greening and work with people, who live work or love the community of the South Parish area of Cork City. With a desire to spread the greening effect City wide.

EcCoWell is a cross-sectoral partnership focused on integrating strategies across ecology & economy (Ec), community & culture (Co) well-being & lifelong learning (WeLL).

Cork Sky Friendly Campaign established in 2017 is a collaboration of organisations interested in raising awareness of the adverse effects of excessive artificial light and protecting the night skies over Cork city and county.


CEF is a member of a number of national and international networks.

CEF is one of 15 member organisations of Global Action Plan International,

Coastwatch Europe (CWE) is an international network of environmental groups, universities and other educational institutions, who in turn work with local groups and individuals around the coast of Europe. The goal of CWE is the protection and sustainable use of coastal resources, and informed public participation in environmental planning and management.

Coalition 2030 works in building partnerships to engage across all SDGs and the 2030 Agenda from monitoring, evaluation, learning, research, education, public engagement, advocacy and communications activities and events.

Community Resources Network of Ireland (CRNI) is the all island representative body for community based reuse, recycling and waste prevention organisations.

The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) is a network of Ireland’s leading environmental
organisations working to ensure that the Water Framework Directive plans provide and
deliver protection to all water bodies.

Funders and Supporters

CEF is very appreciative of the funders and supporters that contribute to allow us to deliver a broad ranging programme of activities each year, these include financial and non-financial support as well as specific project sponsorship for events such as our Awards

Cork County Council as an instrumental body in the establishment of CEF continues to provide a small annual core budget (approx. 15% of overall budget required) and additional supports for the roll out of other initiatives. CEF is very appreciative on the non-financial supports such as meeting space for Management meetings and contributions of time and expertise in projects such as social enterprise and transport.

Cork City Council, another key partner provides a core budget (approximately 12% of overall budget required) and is receptive to applications for other projects with support provided in areas such as waste reduction and reuse, heritage and biodiversity, place making and green spaces. CEF is also appreciative of the provision of meeting space, time and expertise provided to many projects including social enterprise, transport, green spaces and support for events.

Healthy Ireland provides support via both Cork City Council and Cork County Council for the employment of the Transport and Mobility Forum Coordinator, employed through CEF. Initial support came via Cork City Council in 2018 and extended with the County including the TMF in the 2nd round of funding. The current 2-year funding from 2019 -2021 is of great benefit from a planning and delivery perspective.

Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) provides ongoing support to all of its network members including CEF. This includes facilitating engagement in policy workshops and events by covering associated travel expenses which allows broader participation by our members in water matters. This includes support for the participation of the CEF representative on the National Water Forum.

Coastwatch provides ongoing support in the form of training to support the Annual Coastwatch Survey in Cork as well as support to attend national network events and conferences.

SalesforceCEF benefits from the use of a free Salesforce platform primarily to send Newsletters via Vertical Response and database functions.

EncludeIT benefits charities such as CEF by providing affordable, trustworthy and effective software and systems.


Representatives from CEF sit, often on a voluntary basis, on various committees around the county on behalf of Cork Environmental Forum bringing an important environmental voice and perspective to policy. CEF has been very supportive of the setting up of the Public Participation Network in this region and provides information and coordinates meetings of the Local Environment Network.

CEF has been actively engaged in representation on the Cork County Public Participation Network from the outset with members nominated through the Environmental College to participate on the Secretariat, Local Community Development Committees, Strategic Policy Committees and others.

CEF has been actively engaged in representation on the Cork City Public Participation Network from the outset with members nominated through the Environmental College to participate on the Secretariat, Local Community Development Committees, Strategic Policy Committees and others such as the Joint Policing Committees.

CEF is the representative from the environment sector on the Growing Lifelong Learning in Cork which is a cross-sectoral working group designed to implement the Declaration on Building Learning Cities and evolved into Cork Learning City with that recognition from UNESCO gained in 2017.

CEF is represented on the National Water Forum, which strengthens democratic input into decision making regarding water as a fundamental national asset.

For many years CEF has been represented on the Board of South East Cork Area Development.

CEF is represented on the MaREI Advisory Public Engagement Group, a multi-stakeholder group which meets 4 times a year.

Local Environment Network: CEF has organised and coordinated the coming together of local environmental organisations as a network in the Cork area, most particularly in relation to policy formulation in response to consultation processes.